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The free-running cyberpunk adventure receives new game modes at opposite ends of the neon difficulty spectrum.

Roguelike games are games that a bit like Rogue, the original, procedural dungeon crawler where death is permanent and every run is unique. (And, confusingly, Rogue is listed as a roguelike on Steam? Hmm.)

Roguelite games are roguelikes that are inspired by these Rogue-like mechanics, which borrow elements like permadeath or randomised re-rolls, but don’t entirely fit within the roguelike template. And whether a game is a roguelike or a roguelite can sometimes generate a bit of heated discussion, even though they sound like the same thing. (Jeez, this stuff must be absolutely impenetrable to an outsider, mustn’t it?)

Either way, both roguelikes and roguelites tend to be a bit difficult. So for fans of difficult games, parkour, swords, and neon stuff, you’ll be pleased to know that the latest Ghostrunner DLC adds a roguelite mode to the game. It’s called Wave Mode, and sees the player facing off against – as the name suggests – wave after wave of random enemies. There’s a hint of tower defense, too, with players able to upgrade their gear between waves.

That’s not all, though. Today’s Ghostrunner DLC drop features an Assist Mode, which – again, as the name suggests – adds a challenge-adjusted version of Ghostrunner to allow more players to enjoy the cyberparkour power trip. Players will be able to toggle shorter cooldowns for more frequent ability use, slower gameplay to help with reaction times, and an extra life.

Anything that allows more people to experience games in a way they’re comfortable with is good news in our book.

Even better news? Ghostrunner’s Wave and Assist modes are both available for free, and they’re available right now. That’s something everyone can enjoy.

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