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On the first day of Christmas, Fortnite gave to me: a skin of a Christmas tree.

Fortnite Battle Royale, cementing its place as more of a community space than a game at this stage, is having a Winterfest event.

Unlike some games – or even most events in Fortnite – you don’t need to complete any challenges or solve any puzzles. Just click on the snowflake from the game’s main menu, and you’ll be transported to a charming log cabin in the snow.

You’ll be on your own at the Winterfest cabin, though. (Aside from a very disturbing Nutcracker figure, Crackshot, sitting by the fire. And Peely, the mutant banana hybrid, lurking outside the window.)

There’s no building, no shooting, and no real gameplay to speak of – so why visit the Fortnite Winterfest cabin at all? Why, for the looting, of course.

Epic Games has assembled a big pile of presents in front of the roaring fire, and just like your advent calendar, you get to open one a day. You can shake the gifts to try and help you work out what’s inside – some make noises or play music, for instance – but one of the gifts, by virtue of its shape, is rather obvious: the Millenium Falcon glider.

You can only open one gift a day, in classic advent calendar fashion, and the event runs for 14 days. Inside there are “two outfits, two gliders, two pickaxes, two wraps, one emote, and more — all exclusive to this years’ Winterfest,” according to the official Fortnite website.

And don’t fret if you miss a day, or start the Winterfest-ivities late: if you come back before January 7, 2020, you’ll be able to open all the presents you missed. Just like a real advent calendar, where if you miss a day or two, you get a double- or triple-chocolate bonus the following morning. (Yes, we’re adults, shut up.)

There are also events and challenges running as part of Fortnite’s Winterfest – and you can leave the roaring fire on as a cosy way to earn extra XP – but let’s be honest for a moment: you’re all just here for the free stuff, aren’t you?

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