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The organisers of GDC Europe 2015 have called for european developers to submit to the second annual European Innovative Games Showcase.

The showcase takes place during the Independent Games Summit, held in Cologne this August. The winning developers will be offered 5-minute microtalks at the final session of GDC Europe’s IGS, giving them the opportunity to showcase what’s special about their current project.

Anyone who successfully submits will also be given full Speaker Passes to the event, including full access to every GDC Europe session and the Gamescom expo. In addition, videos of the event will be showcased on Gamasutra and GDC Vault for free after the event.

The showcase’s aim is to present a variety of innovative or experimental games, including diverse and new ways to showcase gameplay, art style, play style or anything in between.

For more information you can visit the GDC Europe website, or get straight on it and submit here. Entries are open until May 22nd.

Picture: Official GDC Europe Flickr

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