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Check out the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay Walkthrough

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Think it looks cool, but don’t know what you’ll actually do? Here’s a Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay walkthrough video.

There have been a lot of Tom Clancy video games. Nearly 50 of them in total. You can always trust Ubisoft to grab a franchise and pump games out like a belt-fed machine gun annual incremental visual spruces.

Their last few, however, have been a bit different.

Rainbow Six Siege, which originally annoyed everyone with the lack of a single player campaign, has actually turned out rather well. It’s a class-based shooter that’s shown far more staying power than the likes of Battlefield Hardline and a plethora of free updates can’t have helped in that regard.

The Division went the other way, to be honest. People welcomed it with such promise, but it ultimately turned out to be an online grind ’em up, where you’d straight up murder the starving and destitute for a different hat or an upgraded pair of kneepads. It did at least provide us a few laughs, though.

And next out of the Ubisausage Machine is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – try saying that three times quickly – which looks to be something different again. Away from the MMO mechanics that made The Division such an interminable drudgery, Ghost Recon Wildlands is an open world third-person shooter, with optional online co-operate elements; that seems like a better way to do it, if we’re honest.

“But how does it actually play?” You might be wondering. Thankfully, Ubisoft have released a Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay walkthrough, which shows around five minutes of single-player gameplay:

That certainly tells us a lot more than a cinematic trailer would about just how Ghost Recon Wildlands plays and the sorts of things you’ll be doing. Nothing tremendously original, then, but open world four player co-op sounds ace, and anything has to be better than The Division‘s dismal bullet-spongery.

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