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God of War gets release date and new trailer

Sony has announced that the new God of War, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, is going to be released on 20th April.



God of War

Sony has announced that the new God of War is going to be released on 20th April.

There is a new trailer for the game as part of the announcement, and there are some intriguing details.

There is the usual bombast and pomp, the massive set pieces and chest-beating combat, but there is also a little more going on here.


Check it out:

The game has been centred on Norse mythology, with glimpses of Jörmungandr, the Midgar serpent, and Viking-style shields, axes and iconography.

There are new mythological creatures being shown off here: at one point a del Toro-esque faun makes an appearance. There is also mention being made of Kratos being ‘not of this place’, and of a woman deducing that he is a god.

Is he going incognito in this place? At another point, questions are being raised about the nature of his relationship to his son. It seems Kratos hasn’t been fully up front with the lad, electing not to tell him of his deified status, and withholding the full expect of his prior exploits.

It looks like one to watch for, blending the series’ signature over-the-top action style with what looks like a more sombre emotional story at its heart. Roll on April!

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