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Ah shit, here we go again – it’s time to go back to Los Santos (again) with Grand Theft Auto V.

Somehow, five years after its original release, Grand Theft Auto V will not let go of its position in the video game sales charts. It’s rarely been at number one since its original release in 2013, re-release for the PS4 and Xbox One in 2014, or subsequent PC release in 2015, but it’s always there or thereabouts. Lingering. Doing numbers that shouldn’t be possible.

We don’t know how Rockstar has done it, but it took a Netflix TV series to have a similar effect for The Witcher 3. GTA V (and Mario Kart 8, to be fair to Nintendo) really are sales marvels, and if you could bottle that? Your game would be unstoppable.

But if there’s anything that could stop Grand Theft Auto V selling, it’s giving it away for free. Or rather, including it for next-to-nothing in the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

With that in mind, Grand Theft Auto V has today joined the Xbox Game Pass roster. It’s a console-only game at the moment – Xbox Game Pass for PC players don’t get the option – but it’s another massive boon for Xbox, following on from the recent addition of, you guessed it, The Witcher 3. In the wake of Stadia Pro’s weak launch, it cements the position of Xbox Game Pass as the premier video game subscription service.

And there’s still a bargain offer where you can get your first three months of Xbox Game Pass for Console for £1. Imagine getting Grand Theft Auto V for a quid, then chucking in classics like The Witcher 3 and new releases like Gears 5 and The Outer Worlds at no extra cost. It’s a brave new world.

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