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Grounded’s first content update adds player perks, beds, birds

Obsidian adds new content to Xbox exclusive backyard adventure Grounded.



Grounded content update

Obsidian adds new content to Xbox exclusive backyard adventure Grounded.

Grounded, developed by Obsidian and published by Xbox Game Studios, feels like another big win for Microsoft.

Like Rare’s Sea of Thieves before it, Grounded is a co-op adventure with a focus on player creativity, from a first-party studio acquisition that was previously known for something else. (Platformers in Rare’s case, whacking great RPGs in Obsidian’s.)


One month after a successful release – with a player base massively boosted by Xbox Game Pass – Obsidian has today released the first content update for Grounded. Here’s what’s included:

  • Player perks – Players can unlock perks which cause small mutations to your character. With these mutations, you can cut grass faster, increase health, improve defences, and more. Players can have up to three mutations equipped at any time, with more to come in future
  • New buildable items – Obsidian has added fences, tables, and a new bed for players to rest and recuperate. But to build a bed you’ll need feathers from the other new addition…
  • New creature – The bird is the biggest visitor to the garden to date. In addition to building a bed, a new Marksman’s Cap can be crafted from the feathers of the bird which will improve your marksmanship with a bow

Obsidian has also released a “thank you” trailer for the game’s fans to introduce some of the new content.

Grounded is available in Xbox Game Preview and via Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox One, and also in Early Access on Steam.

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