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Harmonix Music VR announced as PlayStation VR exclusive

Rock Band and Amplitude developer, Harmonix, announce new PlayStation VR title.



Harmonix Music VR Easel

Rock Band and Amplitude developer, Harmonix, announce new PlayStation VR title.

Is it a game? We’re not entirely sure, but Harmonix Music VR certainly looks intriguing. It could end up being little more than the modern equivalent of the old Windows Media Player visualiser but we won’t lie and say we didn’t find that fascinating in its own way, back in 1995.

Harmonix Music VR works with any song in your PlayStation 4 music library, including those loaded onto a USB flash drive. Once loaded the music is analysed and you can then transport yourself using the magic of virtual reality to one of four locations. Initial locations include a dance party, a 3D reactive art space and an alien beach. We would expect more to follow via DLC, of course.


Harmonix Music VR comes also bundled with 17 music tracks, including songs from the cult classic rhythm game, Amplitude, plus music from Harmonix’s very own composer, M-Cue.

The game will launch in October, probably day and date with PlayStation VR itself.

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