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Colourful co-op Headsnatchers is free on the Humble Store

Headsnatchers, a co-op game with a Lisa Frank coat of paint, is free right now.



Headsnatchers free Humble Store

Headsnatchers, a co-op game with a Lisa Frank coat of paint, is free right now.

Remember Lisa Frank? Not important. What is important is that, from now until Sunday, you can pick up Headsnatchers for free on the Humble Store.

IguanaBee’s co-op game didn’t get a tonne of attention when it released last November, but it looks pretty cool. Kinda like one of these games. I’ve already downloaded my copy to check it out, and you can too.

The elevator pitch for Headsnatchers is right there in the name: you snatch people’s heads. Then, you use their head to accomplish a goal, like bowling or playing soccer. Seems fun. And not as nearly as gory as a game based on decapitation could be.

To claim your copy, you should head over to the Humble Store. You’ll need to create a Humble account, if you don’t already have one, which just requires a name and an email. From there, you can sign in and get your key. The code is for Steam, so you’ll also need an account there, as well (but you probably have that right?).

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