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Horizon Forbidden West brings the colour in its first gameplay reveal.

Sony’s latest State of Play focused on one of its most treasured exclusives: Horizon Forbidden West. The post-post-apocalypse open-world title made its gameplay debut at last night’s event, showcasing gorgeous graphics, superb robo-dino designs, and some truly colourful landscapes. Sadly, the event did not give away any details on a potential release.

Revealed last year, this is the first we are getting a glimpse at actual gameplay. Horizon fans will immediately notice protagonist Aloy’s new West Coast look as Forbidden West sets up shop in San Francisco. While the gameplay remains similar to that seen in the first game, there were a couple of new additions. With a Breath of the Wild-esque digital glider and a slick new grapple, Forbidden West’s new feature highlighted the verticality of its western landscapes. And did we mention they have GIANT ROBOTIC ELEPHANTS!!!

With dilapidated cities, beautiful underwater areas, and the wrecked ruins of dangling planes in the distance, it is truly baffling to imagine the noise that will erupt from PS4s when this game eventually launches across both generations. However, with both 4K and 60fps support, PS5 will clearly be the way to play Forbidden West. 

It is disappointing that we still have no release schedule – or any sort of indication that the game will even release this year. With most PS5-era exclusive catering to niche markets – Returnal and Demon’s Souls among them – many PlayStation owners will be eager to get their hands on this dino-tastic adventure. And with the immersive potential of haptic feedback, 3D audio, and crisp 4K visuals, Horizon Forbidden West may be shaping up to be PS5’s first true system seller.

Watch the State in Play Gameplay reveal in full.

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