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When I was a kid an Amway rep once came to my house with a case full of cleaning products.

He sat in our lounge for an hour trying to convince my mum that our future lay in selling these products to our friends and family. It was not a get rich quick scheme, he said. It was a ‘get wealthy eventually’ programme. We took a few bottles of his snake oil washing-up liquid and showed him out. As far as I can recall my mum ended using the liquid to refill my blowing bubbles – I am a West Ham supporter after all.

Pyramid selling schemes always have a whiff of desperation about them, so with Xbox One sales lagging behind the PlayStation 4 it’s no surprise to see Microsoft trying to tap into their existing customers to boost sales a little.

Introducing the Xbox One Refer-a-friend programme from Xbox Rewards

From now until 25 November, if you get a friend (or your mum) to upgrade to an Xbox One you’ll both be rewarded with 25,000 Xbox Rewards Credits. That’s 25,000 for you, and 25,000 for your mum friend.

For each additional friend you refer, your friend will receive the standard 25,000 Credits and you’ll receive an additional 10,000 per subsequent referral.

If you keep in mind that 5,000 credits equates to $5 to spend on Xbox Live, it’s actually not too shabby at all.

Keep the referrals going and you can eventually unlock silly things like a VIP Badge and featured spots on the Xbox official social pages. (Erm, thanks.)

Find out more at Xbox Rewards

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