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Everybody loves Leon and Claire, but the Resident Evil 2 remake features two other returning fan favourite characters: Hunk and Tofu.

There are two main scenarios in Resident Evil 2, but unlike the 1998 original, there isn’t a canonical order in which to play them. At the time of writing, according to stats published by Capcom, over three-quarters of players have picked Leon for their first run, incidentally. Read into that what you will.

There are – again, at the time of writing; more game modes are reportedly incoming – two additional playable characters in the Resident Evil 2 remake: Hunk and Tofu.

Neither of these oddball fan favourites are available to play from the start, though. How do you unlock Hunk and Tofu in the Resident Evil 2 remake?

How to unlock Hunk

Hunk is a member of the Umbrella Security Service, and the only survivor in his squad following the antics of the Umbrella Corporation in Raccoon City. His game mode, called 4th Survivor, is a short additional mode that tasks the player with enacting Hunk’s escape from the stricken city, from coming to in the sewers to his extraction.

Hunk’s scenario is more difficult than Claire or Leon’s, as you’ll only have limited items, ammunition, and healing herbs.

Here’s how you unlock Hunk.

  1. Pick a character and play through the main campaign. It doesn’t matter who you pick first; you’ll need to do the other one as well.
  2. Once you’re finished your first campaign, go back to the main menu and play as the second character. This will be a slightly abridged version of the main campaign, with some sequences shortened for expedience and to avoid repetition, though there are a few different elements per character, too.
  3. Go back to the main menu, and you’ll find a new game mode – 4th Survivor, featuring Hunk – available to play.

How to unlock Tofu

Tofu is, as the name suggests, is a cube of silken tofu. No, really, it is. Seriously, we’re not joking.

Tofu is literally a big piece of tofu, wearing a S.T.A.R.S beret. Yes, that’s S.T.A.R.S – the Special Tactics and Rescue Service – that Jill Valentine and Barry Burton from the first game belong to. Yes, tofu is basically special forces.

Look, we didn’t come up with the idea. We think it’s as ridiculous as you do. It’s an anthropomorphised cube of mashed up soybeans in a beret! Of course it’s stupid! But you do want to know how to unlock Tofu Survivor mode, right?

Tofu’s scenario is even more difficult than Hunk’s. It’s literally just knives, with a very limited number of herbs. Also, because tofu is literally a big, white hitbox – tofu is literally a substitute character in some programming slang – it’s very easy to get caught by mobs of zombies, and attacks from the rear or the ground.

Here’s how to unlock tofu:

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 above to unlock Hunk.
  2. Complete Hunk’s scenario, the 4th Survivor.
  3. Head back to the main menu. Tofu’s game mode will be waiting for you.

Godspeed, brave soybean warrior!

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