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Human Resource Machine soundtrack available to download for free

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Human Resource Machine is a very smart strategy game – that also secretly teaches you visual programming – from Tomorrow Corporation, the folks behind Little Inferno.

As with that game Human Resource Machine also offers a subtle meditation on modern-day life. This time focusing on the mundanity and automation of office work.

Kyle Gabler – who also composed the scores for Little Inferno as well as the classic World of Goo – provides another memorable soundtrack, which has now been made available as a free download from the Tomorrow Corporation blog.

Gabler’s compositions are an essential component of all three titles. They manage to combine a jaunty, fairground playfulness with mournful motifs that reflect the themes of each game. And his score to Human Resource Machine is no different. It’s upbeat, fun, ethereal and melancholic, all at once.

These are all well worth a listen, even if you haven’t played the games in question. Our current favourite track is The Data Won’t Collate Itself, which also features Shalin Shodan on guitar.

Human Resource Machine is available now on Wii U and PC and will be coming to iOS soon.

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