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A new partner spectator mode is among the delights included in the latest update for Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown.

Crytek’s multiplayer bounty hunting game – which remains in Early Access – gets another content drop today.

Update 2.1 adds new weapons and traits, plus two fan-requested features: a partner spectator mode, and a new mission type with heavy fog.

The update’s new weapons include a Crossbow, Hand Crossbow, Poisonhand Crossbow, Throwing Knives, a Specter with bayonet, a Sparks with silencer, a Winfield with silencer, and a Combat Axe. The new weapons have been complemented by the Bolt Thrower and Bolt Seer traits.

Loic Raimond, Live Service Producer of Hunt: Showdown, said in press statement accompanying the update:

“Seeing the reactions of the community and working closely with their feedback to fine-tune the direction of the game has been an incredible process. It feels like a truly collaborative process, and the game is all the better—and more fun—for it.”

Loic seems happy. So we’re happy, too.

The update also includes the usual array of bug fixes and weapon balancing. Full details can be found in the game’s patch notes.

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