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Crytek’s bounty-hunting shooter, Hunt: Showdown, is coming to Xbox One Game Preview in spring.

Following last year’s announcement that Crytek would bring Hunt: Showdown to Xbox Game Preview, we now have a release date. It’s, erm, soon-ish.

Crytek has confirmed that the multiplayer FPS will be available on Xbox One in ‘spring 2019’. That’s sometime between March 20 and June 21, if we go by the letter of nature’s law.

Hunt: Showdown features online matches of up to ten players. Combatants can either play solo or in teams as they compete for bounty by slaughtering various nasties in the swamplands of Louisiana. The game has been available on PC via Steam Early Access since February last year, where it has garnered a healthy smattering of Mostly Positive reviews.

The accompany the news Crytek has released a short video teasing the game’s console release.

And here’s a small selection of Hunt: Showdown screenshots to study.

There’s no word on when the game will officially leave Early Access, but history suggests that an Xbox Game Preview release is a significant stepping stone in that journey. You can keep up-to-date with progress via the game’s official development roadmap.

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