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Jalopy may still be in Early Access, but it receives fairly regular content updates. The latest is locations in former Yugoslavia.

There’s something sweet and somehow adorable about the idea of Jalopy, the ‘carPG’ from indie developer Minskworks. The idea of bundling your belongings into a car and living life on the road can be appealing when you’re having a particularly bad day.

If you’re doing it in a fictional analogue of a Lada Riva – the splendidly Soviet-sounding Laika 601 – and trundling around the Eastern Bloc in the 1980s, it’s fair to say reliability might be an issue. Jalopy is a crafting survival game of sorts, but instead of worrying about the meters of your fictional human’s wellbeing, you’re juggling the health of your Laika 601 instead. You’ll probably break down, a lot, but that’s the charm.

You’ll scavenge parts, bodge together your trusty banger with duct tape and string, and get yourself back on the road again in no time. And now, your Jalopy can break down in the former state of Yugoslavia; in areas the modern world would recognise as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

There are also some fixes and updates to Jalopy in the latest update, including:

  • The light rack will give better illumination for improved viewing.
  • Digital dash display will keep you informed about your cars performance.
  • A tool rack can be installed to save space in the rear of the car.
  • Xbox 360 controllers are now supported.
  • Rebuilt car dashboard with extra definition on each component.
  • Side and rear-view mirrors that now function realistically.
  • New region-specific components for Yugoslavia.
  • A working horn!
  • And many more features and fixes based on player feedback.

The Jalopy Yugoslavia update is available now in public beta on Steam. It’s expected to roll into the main Jalopy package in a few weeks, but if you want to take part in the beta you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  • Open Steam on your PC and go to your library.
  • Right click on Jalopy and then click on Properties.
  • Select the ‘betas’ tab and then in the dropdown menu select ‘public_beta’.
  • Once selected, Steam should automatically start downloading the beta content.
  • To opt-out of the beta repeat steps 1- 3 but select ‘none’ in the drop down box.

Happy trails, everyone.

Fancy a modern alternative to Jalopy? You could do a lot worse than Forza Horizon 3.

    1. If you read really carefully you’ll see that we didn’t in fact use the word “country”. Borders in that region are a hornet’s nest we don’t want to disturb – we’re a gaming site, not the United Nations.

      Thanks for playing, though!

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