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Jeff Minter and Atari confirm that Tempest 4000 is in production.

Consider our eyebrows raised. Despite a few years of public animosity, Jeff Minter, and back-from-the-dead video game publisher Atari, have patched up their differences to confirm that Tempest 4000 is now in development. The game is due for release later this year on PC and console.

Tempest 4000 will retain the franchise’s trademark gameplay, and add new features, along with a new graphical treatment fit for current-gen platforms.

The original Tempest – and the Minter-authored sequels – were all landmark titles for Atari, and although the Atari of today has little connection to the company that many of us grew up with, it’s still a name that resonates within the gaming community, and the wider populace.

In a tweet, Minter said the arrival of Tempest 4000 will mean the end of his work to bring the not-dissimilar TxK to PC, PlayStation 4, and mobile platforms. In a press statement, he added:

“At the end of the day, video gamers always win. I am very happy to work with Atari again to bring a long-awaited sequel of Tempest to our legion of fans and a new generation of gamers worldwide.”

Todd Shallbetter, Chief Operating Officer of Atari, is happy, too:

“The original Tempest is a beloved arcade classic with a unique style and intense, edge-of-your-seat gameplay. We’re thrilled to be able to work with Jeff Minter again, someone who is a legend in the industry and has made a huge impact on the history of video games, to develop this highly anticipated next installment of the Tempest franchise, updated with today’s technology.”

Tempest 4000 will include three game modes, 100 levels, 4K graphics, online leaderboards, and a soundtrack inspired by early 1990’s techno.

Sounds good to us.

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