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Jotun: Valhalla Edition is free this week on the Epic Games Store.

For the next week, critically-acclaimed action-adventure game, Jotun, is up for grabs on Epic’s launcher. It is also, weirdly, the second game with “Jotun” in the title that Epic has offered for free in the past month.

I missed it when it originally released in 2015, but this game is gorgeous. From this trailer, it looks like Hyper Light Drifter by way of Don Bluth, which is an extremely good combination.

And, reviews at launch were positive, too. IGN called it “a wondrous trek through Norse mythology and the imposing giant bosses that inhabit its rich, beautiful world.” GameSpot was also positive, praising the game’s hand drawn art, inventive boss battles and “tough but mostly fair challenge.”

With the release of Jotun, Epic has revealed that prison break sim, The Escapists, will be next week’s free game.

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