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This Just Cause 4 easter egg, featuring Bennett Foddy, is splendid

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Getting Over It with Rico Rodriguez.

Just Cause 4 launches tomorrow on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But in keeping with Square Enix’s policy of encouraging people to show off the game, players have been able to show off footage and stream the game for a few days.

It hasn’t taken long for someone to stumble on one of Just Cause 4’s smarter easter eggs, featuring a hilarious, in-game slice of masochism in the shape of Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy.

In addition to the classic Getting Over It cauldron and pick-axe combo – even swapping Just Cause 4’s free look to mimic the game’s side-on elevation – there’s also an added bonus: a little voice-over commentary from Bennett Foddy himself.

It features Bennett reading quotes from Rico Rodriguez and various other characters, some re-recorded and paraphrased versions of Foddy’s own commentary on Getting Over It, and a few sly digs at the viewer. Like this one:

“Now I know you’re most likely watching this easter egg online. Where someone else has discovered and recorded it for you. Like a baby bird being fed chewed-up food. Don’t worry. That’s culture too.”

Yeah, we know. We’re feeling very called out by it, too, but we’d be the ones using Rico’s balloons and rockets to get the pot to the top of the challenge.

Just Cause 4 is easier than Getting Over It, after all.

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