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KFC is skipping April Fool’s Day jokes, and just going ahead and making the damn fried chicken dating sim, instead.

KFC, the company most famous for its big buckets of crispy poultry, has been making moves to infiltrate the gaming space for a while now. Last year, the fast-food chain started KFC Gaming, a Twitter account devoted to gaming-related shitposting.

Today, KFC went a step further, launching a Steam page for a real, live video game. I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator looks like exactly what the title says. I Love You Colonel Sanders! will cast players as one of the Colonel’s classmates at culinary school. The game will feature “Cooking battles,” “Battle battles” and “Cute miniature food.” And, obviously, the chance to romance the Colonel.

I Love You, Colonel Sanders! is being developed by Psyop, a film production company that specializes in commercials and installations for big brands like Apple and Coca Cola. Psyop’s forays into gaming include the 2016 VR game, Kismet, and last year’s pretty good visual novel, Camp W.

While this is almost certainly a cash grab aimed at making the fast-food chain more relatable to Millennials and Gen Z, it doesn’t seem like a soulless cash grab. The gorgeous anime visuals and attention to detail – note the tiny, adorable chicken on the end of the Colonel’s cane – give us hope that this will do justice to the greasiest, tastiest chicken that comes in a bucket.

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