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In what basically amounts to the Ross and Rachel of video game release dates, Square Enix have finally penciled in a firm one for Kingdom Hearts III.

Yesterday, I flew 5,300 miles from the UK to Los Angeles. Determined to beat jetlag, I stayed up until 11pm Pacific time – that’s a 28-hour day – to get into a normal sleep pattern. Then about two minutes before I fell asleep, Square Enix inexplicably announced the release date for Kingdom Hearts III, via Twitter. Don’t they know they’ve got an E3 stream scheduled a day from now? And more importantly, don’t they know how tired I am? What is the matter with them?

Anyway. I half-started this news story last night, then fell asleep: the Kingdom Hearts III release has been revealed, and it’s January 2019.

Specifically, that’s January 29th, 2019, so there’s not really an awful lot left of January left to play with. Not that we’re suggesting Square Enix are pushing its release window to the absolute limits with Kingdom Hearts III but, you know. There’s history there.

Other than that? The reveal on Twitter doesn’t tell us a great deal. The good news is, Square Enix do have that stream tomorrow morning (10am PT, 6pm GMT) so we’re expecting to see more of Kingdom Hearts III then.

We’ve also got a hands on demo booked with Kingdom Hearts III during E3, so check back later for our thoughts on how it’s shaping up. You know. When we’re less tired.

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