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Co-op ‘Goonies RPG’ Knights and Bikes is coming to Nintendo Switch

Travel back in time to Cornwall in the 1980s for wellies, BMX bikes, geese, and adventure. This time on Nintendo Switch.



Knights and Bikes Nintendo Switch
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Travel back in time to Cornwall in the 1980s for wellies, BMX bikes, geese, and adventure. This time on Nintendo Switch.

There’s a reason why most Nintendo games for the Switch have local co-op: it just works so flipping well. Luigi’s Mansion 3, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Kirby Star Allies, Super Mario Odyssey – they all offer some degree of local co-op and are better games for it. Snapping off a JoyCon and handing it to a buddy is so easy and convenient, and the experience is invariably enhanced for it.

Indie games, so often at the forefront of design choices, have also embraced the Switch in this regard. From launch title Snipperclips to Overcooked and Pikuniku and The Swords of Ditto and so many more besides, the Nintendo Switch is the little engine that could when it comes to local co-op.


That’s why today’s announcement makes perfect sense: Knights and Bikes is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Knights and Bikes has such a simple elevator pitch: “We had Goonies as a reference,” Moo Yu of Foam Sword games told us, “and then game-wise we went for Earthbound and Secret of Mana.”


Now take that simple elevator pitch and add local co-op – the sort of local co-op that brings to mind two kids, sitting three feet from their TV, playing an exploratory RPG-lite like Secret of Mana or ToeJam and Earl – and you’ll be close.

Mix that up with Quintin Blake illustrations and Saturday morning cartoons – Knights and Bikes already has companion books, and an animated series is in the works – and you’re there. “There” is two kids exploring the wilds of rural Cornwall, looking for adventure. And they find it in spades.

Knights and Bikes releases on Nintendo Switch on February 6, 2020. We’ll pump up our BMX tyres and see you there.

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