Knights and Bikes release date
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Knights and Bikes release date revealed (and it’s really soon)

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We’ve been looking forward to Knights and Bikes for a long time now.

It’s funny, really. When you’re a child, time takes an eternity to pass. A single school day drags for weeks, summer holidays last a lifetime, and something you’re looking forward to? That takes forever to come around. Birthday, Christmas, the release of Knights and Bikes – it feels interminable.

Now we’re very old time passes far too quickly, and it feels like only yesterday that we were previewing Knights and Bikes. Then two whole years later, it was one of our favourite games of the MIX at E3 2019. Where does the time go? That’s the dichotomy of the game. It simultaneously makes us feel like kids, but it’s hard to shake the fact that we’re grown-ups.

But like Pixar movies or Harry Potter or Stranger Things or The Goonies – the movie which, after the county of Cornwall, is the biggest influence on Knights and Bikes – it’s easy for adults to get so much joy out of something that’s outwardly for children. (See also: the Knights and Bikes children’s books that absolutely no adults who have been waiting for the game hame enjoyed in the meantime.)

As is customary these days, Knights and Bikes developer Foam Sword Games today announced the game’s release date via Twitter. (It is less customary to do that via the medium of goose feathers, though with Untitled Goose Game still on the horizon, that number can only go up from here.)

That’s just two weeks away, which is not very far away indeed. We’ve got mixed feelings about that. Obviously, we’re excited that Knights and Bikes is nearly here, but also, it’s releasing at the same time as a bunch of other big games.

This is turning into an unusually busy late summer release window.