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The Last of Us Part II gets new trailer

Sony’s has revealed a number of exciting trailers; biggest amongst them is the new trailer for The Last of Us Part II.



The Last of Us Part II

During Paris Games week, Sony’s showcase has yielded a number of exciting trailers and announcements; biggest amongst them is the new trailer for The Last of Us Part II.

Beware, the trailer is absolutely horrific:

Questions, questions, questions: Who is the woman being hanged? Who are the cultish zealots? Who is the woman who has her ‘wings clipped’? And just what road has the world gone down these last years since the end of the first game?

We will have to wait for a while yet; The Last of us Part II doesn’t have a set release date yet. Right now, Naughty Dog has said that the game will release sometime in 2018.

The game was first announced last December at the PlayStation Experience event, and it was a smaller teaser showing Joel and Ellie – both of whom are absent in this new trailer.

Neil Druckmann and his team at Naughty Dog have revealed that The Last of Us Part II will reunite Joel and Ellie. Both of them look older and more grizzled: Joel with his fair share of grey hairs and Ellie showing off her fancy new tattoo and telling us that she’s going to, “kill them all.”

We wait with bated breath.

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