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Acer’s new product jamboree introduces a swathe of new products this week, including the latest AMD FreeSync Acer Nitro monitors, the VG0 and RG0.

You might have heard of Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. It’s effectively a proprietary refresh rate synchronisation technology, that allows Nvidia graphics cards and G-Sync displays to dance in perfect synchronicity with one another. The net result should be smoother visuals, with less judder and tearing.

G-Sync monitors tend to be pricey, however. AMD is keen that their alternative technology, AMD Radeon FreeSync, be priced more reasonably – and therefore be more accessible – for consumers.

Acer have certainly delivered with their latest line of Acer Nitro monitors.

As well as AMD FreeSync technology, the Acer Nitro VG0 and RG0 feature all the good stuff you’d expect, including IPS (independent plane switching) panels, refresh rates up to 144Hz (to pair with AMD graphics cards), and a variety of panel sizes and resolutions. They also come with stand or panel-mounting options, a range of connectivity options, and stereo speakers.

Specifically the Acer Nitro RG0 monitors feature a slim profile and minimal bezels, and are available in either 23.8″ or 27″ models, all featuring 1920×1080@75Hz panels.

The Acer Nitro VG0 monitors are a little chunkier, but come with more options: in 27″, 23.8″ and 21.5″, and resolutions of 4K UHD, WQHD or Full HD.

Pricing for the RG0 monitors will start at an MSRP of £139, while the VG0 monitors – with that smaller panel at the bottom of the range – will kick off at £109. Both sets of monitors will be available to purchase from July 2018.

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