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THQ Nordic have announced that the upcoming remaster of Lock’s Quest has been pushed back by a month, and will now be released on May 30, 2017.

Originally developed for the Nintendo DS by 5th Cell, the real time strategy game centres around Lock, a boy who stumbles upon an invasion of his village and joins a war between Kingdom Force and the revived Clockwork Army.

The remaster – which is being developed by THQ Nordic – features a range of improvements, as you might expect in the transfer from the humble DS to current-gen gaming technology.

Lock’s Quest - Remaster

In terms of gameplay, an updated progression system automatically unlocks new turrets at specific story points, and there are brand new Antonia Defence Battles to enjoy on an all-new map. The DS’s touch-screen controls have also been mapped to mouse, keyboard, and gamepad.

The game is getting an extensive aesthetic make-over , too. David J Franco’s soundtrack has been overhauled, with improved music quality throughout, and the addition of orchestrated introduction and ending themes. In terms of graphics, there’s a revamped user interface with revised art, and HD character portraits. The original’s pixel-art gameplay graphics have been retained, but they look more vibrant than ever in their new high definition format.

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