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Get ready for more men and more war. Men of War II is coming to PC via Steam next year.

1C Entertainment and Best Way have announced that RTS sequel Men of War II will be released on PC via Steam in 2022.

The reveal trailer debuted at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards, showcasing a variety of new features.

Men of War II is pitched as a return to the franchise’s strategic roots. A new Frontline mechanic provides the basis for push-and-pull skirmishes and attritional battles. An enhanced Direct Vision option allows players to focus and manage one specific unit on the battlefield. And you might want to, as the game features more than 300 historically accurate vehicles.

The game will also feature two story campaigns that are playable solo or with up to five players in online co-op.

Speaking about the game, Nikolay Barishnikov, CEO at developer 1C Entertainment, says:

“Men of War II has an emphasis on tactical decision-making, engaging campaigns, and most importantly, historical accuracy. We want to give players the most authentic and entertaining experience possible. With our destructible environments, plethora of units to choose from, and full mod support, aspiring commanders can experience WWII on their own terms.”

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