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The new Xbox Wireless Headset blends its primary function – a gaming headset – with more mass-market features and appeal.

Microsoft has announced its new wireless headset, which is available for pre-order now. The new headset boasts exceptional sound, a light and flexible design, and will launch on March 16, retailing for £94.99.

The wireless headset features the slate black colour found on the Xbox Series X, ultra-soft ear cups and an adjustable mic – which can be tucked “up and out of the way when not in use”. Microsoft is leaning heavily on the ideas of a comfortable and customisable experience, with plenty of audio options available through Xbox consoles, PC and the Xbox Accessories app.

Xbox Wireless Headset detail

Using Bluetooth, as opposed to the dongle connection used by PlayStation’s Pulse Headset, Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Headset will easily connect to consoles, PCs or mobile devices, and therefore can also be used for phone calls and music. Bluetooth connections also mean that the headset can be connected to multiple devices, allowing you to hear your game audio whilst listening to music on your PC or phone.

With voice isolation to reduce background noise and an auto-mute feature, Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Headset aims to keep voice chat free of the heavy breathers and loud eaters that have plagued parties for years. When you aren’t keeping quiet, Microsoft promises that you can talk to friends and hear enemies round the corner for up to 15 hours with a full charge – and 4 hours from a mere half-hour charge.

Microsoft’s Wireless Headset is available to preorder on the Xbox website for £94.99 and will release on March 16, 2021.

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