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Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter Rise will receive its third content collab this week, and it features Akuma from the Street Fighter series

Following last month’s quite marvellous Okami event, Monster Hunter Rise will receive a new Event Quest on August 27. It will reward players with the materials to craft layered armour based on Akuma from the Street Fighter franchise.

Capcom says the armour will alter the voice and appearance of your hunter. It will also change kunai attacks into Akuma’s iconic Gohadoken and Zanku Hadoken moves.  As per the announcement:

“If you equip a sword & shield, your attacks will change into punches and kicks. Perform a Perfect Rush to dish out a fearsome combo, and use various Silkbind attacks to unleash moves like the Goshoryuken and the Tatsumaki Zankukyaku on unsuspecting monsters! Your pose while your weapon is drawn will change into something special as well, so make sure you grab this layered armor to see for yourself!”

Akuma’s Quest Completed screen will also be given a Street Fighter makeover.

Take a look at Akuma in action in the new reveal trailer..

To access the new Monster Hunter Rise Event Quest, players need to update the game to Ver. 3.3.1, which is available today.

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