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2K Games shows off next-gen gameplay in a new trailer for the PlayStation 5 version of NBA 2K21.

There was a slight kerfuffle when 2K Games confirmed that there wouldn’t be a free upgrade path from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions of NBA 2K21 to their next-generation equivalents. The reason 2K gave was that NBA 2K21 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is a brand new game built from the ground up, designed to take advantage of the new consoles’ technical capabilities. We’ll admit that we were sceptical.

Well, here’s our first look at the PS5 version of the game. We’re the first to admit that it’s mightily impressive.

The new trailer features gameplay footage from an exhibition match between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks that demonstrates the new ‘Rail Cam’ presentation, plus other next-gen enhancements such as enhanced lighting, textures, physics, player movement, and animations.

It’s the animation, however, that strikes the one discordant note. The visuals are startlingly lifelike, but such is the speed of sports video games, each player has a slightly unnatural, jerky gait. We doubt it will matter too much in the heat of the moment, however. Take a look.

Speaking about the game, Greg Thomas, president of developer Visual Concepts, says:

“Never before have we been able to deliver this level of visual fidelity and realism in a video game. NBA 2K21 is the standout title that best delivers the promise of next-gen: truly revolutionary graphics, lighting-fast load times and incredible new features and gameplay only possible on next-generation hardware.”

The next-gen version of NBA 2K21 will be released on November 10 for Xbox Series X | S and November 12 for PlayStation 5.

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