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Nintendo surprised us all this morning with the announcement of the New Nintendo 2DS XL console.

At first glance, its form factor looks very similar to the standard New 3DS XL. However, on closer inspection there are a number of subtle differences.

In addition to the eye-catching colour schemes, the console has a patterned top lid, plus a more pronounced hinge. There’s also no obvious indication as to the location of its audio speakers. We have a hunch they are hidden away in the bottom left and right corners of the machine. Just like the Nintendo Switch, game cards are accessed by opening a small flap on the console.

All in all it looks like a robustly designed console that we’re sure Nintendo will pitch at a younger gaming audience. Here’s a closer look, along with some amusingly staged press shots of kids enjoying Nintendo’s latest new/old console.

New Nintendo 2DS XL – Black and Turquoise

New Nintendo 2DS XL – Orange and White

New Nintendo 2DS XL – Packaging and kids

We’re not sure those last few pictures represent the youth of today completely accurately, but we sure like those red trainers. Where can we get those, Nintendo?

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