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The updated Xbox One dashboard is rolling out today. 

Microsoft have announced that the much-anticipated update to the Xbox One dashboard is rolling out today. Highlights include Home screen improvements, Beam integration and new Guide button functions.

The Xbox One user experience has been consistently horrendous since the console launched in late 2013. Despite a few updates in the past few years, its legacy as an interface built around the console’s original, all-in-one entertainment philosophy – and its Kinect controller – has meant a sluggish, sub-par experience.

Hopefully, all of that is about to change, and based on the comments we’ve seen from Xbox Insider beta participants, it will be a change for the better. So what’s new?

Firstly, there’s a new Home screen. Rejoice! The UI has been simplified and you should see an improvement in system performance. This is no doubt helped by the removal of the Now Playing window. Game icons are also smaller and now offer quick access to related clubs, group posts and achievements.

The Xbox button on the controller now pulls up an improved Guide. The new Guide contains the most commonly used – and useful – features such as Games and Apps, the Xbox One Games Store and your Pins. You can also play and control music, as well as quickly capture screenshots and video.

New controller features include co-pilot mode – which allows two controllers to be used as one, ostensibly as an accessibility feature but also with the potential for ad-hoc multiplayer chaos – and improved audio output and custom rumble settings.

Perhaps the most interesting new addition is the new Achievement Tracker. This new feature allows you to select and follow multiple achievements, which are displayed in an overlay while you play the game; perfect for those of us who like to see a meaningless number slowly increase.

Elsewhere, there are new multitasking functions, and integration with the Beam streaming service.

All in all it looks like being a solid – and much needed – update. Let us know which features you are most excited about in our comments section.

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Image: Windows Central

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