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A new XCOM game is launching next week

XCOM: Chimera Squad is a new XCOM spin-off and it’s out in 10 days.



XCOM: Chimera Squad screenshot
Firaxis Games

XCOM: Chimera Squad is a new XCOM spin-off and it’s out in 10 days.

Firaxis’ new standalone game is set five years after the events of XCOM 2. Per a press release from 2K:

“…humans, hybrids and aliens are now working together to forge a civilization of cooperation and co-existence. However, not all of Earth’s inhabitants support the interspecies alliance. City 31, a model of peace in a post-invasion world, is opposed by mysterious groups whose agendas threaten to shatter this delicate interspecies alliance. Chimera Squad, an elite force of human, hybrid and alien agents, must work together to destroy the underground threats driving the city toward chaos.”


Though set after XCOM 2, 2K says Chimera Squad isn’t an official sequel. To that end, it makes some significant departures from the XCOM formula, eschewing permadeath and proc-gen character creation. Instead, you’ll select squad members from a pool of 11 premade characters. If one bleeds out, you fail the mission.

Additionally, Chimera Squad is introducing Breach Mode, a new phase of combat that allows players to determine their entry point to a battle and attack first. Chimera Squad is also adding a layer of meta-strategy through the introduction of an HQ. Here, players can take on missions and manage the level of unrest throughout City 31’s various districts.

XCOM: Chimera Squad is coming to Steam first; no info yet regarding a wider release. The game will be available at the discounted rate of $10/£8.50 until May 1, after which it will retail for $20/£16.99.

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