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Legendary composer Hirokazu Tanaka has released his first complete album of original music under stage name, Chip Tanaka.

Tanaka – also known as Hip Tanaka – is one of the icons of video game music composition. His influential work can found in a wealth of classic Nintendo games from the ‘80s and ‘90s, the Pokémon TV series, as well as the occasional feature film.

If you’ve played the likes of Super Mario Land, Dr Mario, Earthbound or Metroid, you’ll be familiar with his music and sound design. He was also the engineer behind the audio hardware of the original Nintendo Game Boy console.

Django is a new collection of 13 tracks, mostly composed in the chip tune style, and is Tanaka’s first ever album release of all new music.

The album is available via Bandcamp for ¥1350, approximately $12. A CD version is also available in limited supply that includes a thank you note from the composer, and a download code for a secret track.

Head over to the album’s official website for more details, or listen to a few tracks right now on Bandcamp.

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