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Nintendo is ending support for Netflix and other video streaming services on the Wii. Now, how am I going to break this to my grandma?

Despite the perceived deficiencies of the Nintendo Wii’s online features – which were not entirely true – the console played a big part in helping Netflix make the transition from DVD-by-mail service to online streaming giant. In 2011 around of 25% of Netflix’s streaming subscribers used the Wii to watch video in glorious 480p, including my grandma, who continues to do so to this day.

It looks we’ll be having a difficult conversation over the next few weeks as Nintendo is shutting down all streaming services for the Nintendo Wii from January 30, 2019. The news has been confirmed by an update to the Netflix website.

Other streaming services – including Amazon Video and Hulu – will also go offline from January 30, 2019, as will the Wii Shop Channel, the closure of which Nintendo has already confirmed.

Netflix remains available on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but that’s not an experience we’d rush to recommend.

The Nintendo Switch received a Hulu app last year, and YouTube arrived this week. Hopefully, more services will now make the jump to Nintendo’s popular hybrid console.

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