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Minecraft is finally released on the Nintendo Wii U this week.

Too little, too late? Probably.

Nonetheless welcome? Certainly.

Many thought that Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang would close the door on Minecraft appearing on other consoles but after its appearance on Sony platforms last year the game finally comes to a Nintendo console.

Our hope is that Minecraft does well enough for Mojang to patch in some Wii U Gamepad specific enhancements. Also released are a range of skin-packs.

Also hitting the eShop this week are a trio of decent Virtual Console releases, including the underrated New Super Mario Bros and the N64 version of Mario Tennis; a much better game than the recent Wii U title, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

Nintendo eShop Releases for 17th December 2015

Wii U

  • Minecraft: Wii U Edition – £19.99
  • 16 Minecraft Skin Packs – £1.59-£3.39 each
  • Island Flight Simulator – £5.99
  • Ascent of Kings – £1.49
  • Job the Leprechaun – £2.69
  • Mario Tennis (Virtual Console) – £8.99
  • New Super Mario Bros (Virtual Console) – £8.99
  • Onimusha Tactics – (Virtual Console) – £6.29


  • Steel Empire – £14.29
  • Chronus Arc – £11.69

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