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The recently launched Yamauchi Family Office No. 10 website is a playful reminder of the Nintendo founding family’s legacy.

In case you missed it, the official website for the Yamauchi Family Office No. 10 has recently been doing the rounds on social media. And with good reason.

The website is a gloriously detailed trip through a digital fever-dream that befits the legacy of Hiroshi Yamauchi, the third president of Nintendo and the man who made the company synonymous with video games. Each animation, musical cue, and sound effect is a delight to experience.

The website outlines the work of the Yamauchi No. 10 Family Office, saying it aims to provide support and funding for well-intentioned ideas, technology, and businesses.

“Our ancestors built a sizable fortune in material and spiritual wealth, and we intend to make full use of this inheritance as we tackle new challenges. Our goal is to preserve the unique creativity and pioneering mindset we inherited from our ancestors by developing ideas, technologies, and businesses that the next generation will need.

“We should all follow his example. Seeking stability only clouds your soul. Fear of failing only kills seeds of innovation. We must create a more exciting future where people feel free to dream and leap into a world of possibilities. We must create a freer future where people are eager to truly live.”

“We dare to dream. We dare to leap. We dare to live. And we dream that you do too.”

Visit the Yamauchi No. 10 Family Office to take a look.


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