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The purveyor of charity bundles is bringing Nintendo in the Humble Store fold.

Humble originally started as just a charity bundle, offering pay-what-you-want prices for the back catalogue of major publishers, all in the name of raising money for charity.

Since then, things have moved on considerably. They have a general store, in addition to bundles, while the bundles have expanded from games into books, software, and other things. There’s also a monthly bundle subscription, which is kind of like a loot box for digital downloads. Oh, and they’re also a video game publisher. And they got bought by IGN. I think that’s everything.

But – save for a few console codes within bundles – Humble have nearly always dealt in PC games (with some Mac and Linux codes, too). Now things are changing, and it’s a surprising new partner: Nintendo.

Yes, that’s right – Nintendo games are soon going to be available from the Humble Store. We say “soon” because even though the Humble Store website says they are “now available” we can’t actually find any. Perhaps it’s because we’re based in the UK and to begin with, you’ll only be able to purchase Nintendo US codes from the Humble Store. (But as we all know, it’s nice and easy to run multiple regional Nintendo accounts on your Switch, so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.)

You will, of course, only be able to buy digital Nintendo eShop codes from the Humble Store; physical games won’t be included. To our knowledge, that will be restricted to a selection of Nintendo Switch and 3DS games, for now. We also don’t know how they will be priced in comparison with buying directly from the Nintendo eShop, and with respect to sales on one or the other.

But this is a good news story, because every purchase made from the Humble Store raises money for charity. You’ll be able to buy the same games, get the same codes, but you’ll also be raising money for charity in the process. Good on you, Nintendo.

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