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No, it’s not a December 2021 Nintendo Direct, but an Indie World Showcase is still a welcome offering from Nintendo.

Nintendo is hosting a video presentation tomorrow, December 15, 2021, so we asked our uncle who works at Nintendo what we should expect to see. (We all have them. Doesn’t everyone? Different bloke, but they all work there. It’s just wall-to-wall with uncles.)

He said not to get your hopes up, that Breath of the Wild 2 and Super Mario Odyssey 2 and Mario Kart 9 and Splatoon 3 definitely won’t be on Nintendo’s video presentation tomorrow. Sorry about that.

Why? Well, the clue’s in the name: it’s not a Nintendo Direct for December 2021; it’s an Indie World Showcase. It’ll take place on December 15, at 5 pm GMT (12 am Eastern, 9 am Pacific) and you can watch it right here, with us, on Thumbsticks dot com:

(Well, you could also watch it on YouTube, but if you watch it here, with us, you won’t be exposed to the hellscape of the live comments and reactions. Bookmark this page and come back tomorrow, you won’t regret it.)

So, an Indie World Showcase – what does that mean? Well, lots of lovely indie games, really. It’s like a Nintendo Direct, but dedicated to games from smaller studios, or one-person teams, or, you know, published by Devolver or Annapurna, who are in fact quite big now? It’s a bit confusing. “Indie” doesn’t quite mean what it used to.

But it does mean that, with a bit of luck, there’ll be some interesting video games. There will almost certainly be some games you’ve not heard of, from some sources you might not be familiar with.

And best of all? Geoff Keighley won’t be anywhere near it. Our uncle promised.

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