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Mario Tennis Aces update 1.1.2 adjusts Bowser Jr.’s imbalance.

Bowser Jr., in Mario Tennis Aces competitive play, is a bit of a nightmare. He’s fast, his reach is enormous, and he can use his trick shots incredibly quickly. All in all, he’s a cheap choice.

This meant that people, when finding themselves up against the apple of Bowser’s eye in competitive online play, would simply drop out and look for another opponent. In a game that – to our knowledge – doesn’t have any penalties for dropping games, it was just too easy to avoid playing Bowser Jr. (see also: people quitting fog matches in PUBG).

In the latest update to Mario Tennis Aces, version 1.1.2, Nintendo have included a number of quality of life adjustments and balance tweaks, but one stands out above all the others with its own little segment:

We have adjusted how fast Bowser Jr. can move when charging a shot and lowered the angle at which he hits the ball back. We plan to adjust the balance of this character further in time for the August tournament.

There are also changes to trick shot charging, a few bug fixes around text display, and also a change to the way ranking works – moving to monthly updates – from the beginning of August. Players on or under 2,000 will be reset to 2,000; those between 2,000 and 2,500 will keep their exact score; and those above 2,500 will receive 2,500 + 1/10th of their previous month’s tally. Evidently this is designed to stop the field spreading out too far over the course of the year.

There’s also a warning that anyone with no activity, or with any “questionable data is present”, will automatically be reset to 2,000.

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