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Are you looking forward to playing Star Fox 2 on the Super NES Classic? Here’s the official manual.

It’s fair to say that the excitement surrounding the Super NES Classic – or Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, as it’s called in the UK – has turned into frustration and despair.

Limited stocks and cancelled pre-orders have angered many fans, and so we’re left hoping that Nintendo are true to their word, and will release additional stock through to the end of the year.

On the upside, the console’s short supply indicates that many people have successfully pre-ordered. And for fans lucky enough to be getting a Super NES Classic at the end of the month, there’s one game that stands out from the crowd. The previously unreleased, Star Fox 2.

Although Star Fox 2 is unlikely to be an out-and-out classic, it’s an important game, and its cancellation gives an insight into a fascinating time in Nintendo’s history.

To accompany its long-awaited arrival, Nintendo has published a newly created Star Fox 2 manual.

Like a real ’90s game manual it begins with an outline of The Story So Far, and goes on to cover the game’s controls, characters, and items. It’s also beautifully illustrated with multiple screenshots, and some glorious new artwork.

The Super NES Classic is released on September 29th, 2017, if you can get one.

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