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The final batch of DLC for Super Smash Bros will be announced via Nintendo Direct next week.

Last month’s Nintendo Direct broadcast finished with the unexpected reveal that Cloud from Final Fantasy VII will soon be coming to the game.  All good stuff but we were left no wiser in finding out the identity of the character chosen via the recent online fan ballot.

Next week’s Nintendo Direct – which will be hosted by Super Smash Bros. director, Masahiro Sakurai – should reveal all. There are also strong rumours of Shovel Knight making an appearance as well as the reveal of a couple of new stages.

As for the ballot character, any takers on it being one of these?

  • Tingle
  • Balloon Kid
  • An L-shaped Tetris piece
  • A chu-chu
  • Bayonetta
  • Captain Toad

When the latest iteration of Super Smash Bros is all said and done it will surely be the most expensive Nintendo game of all time. As well as launching in two flavours – one for Wii U and one for 3DS –  it has also been supported by a steady stream of add-on content. In addition to the five DLC characters there has also been a stack of Mii costumes and stages to download. Once you add in the wildly popular range of related Amiibo figurines, you’ll probably need to remortgage your house to pay for it all.

The broadcast will air at 23:00 CET (10pm the UK) on Tuesday 15th December 2015. You can watch via Twitch or the Nintendo Direct website.

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