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Splatoon 3 will launch for Nintendo Switch later this year.

For one of Nintendo’s more anticipated upcoming releases, it was a fairly inauspicious announcement of the Splatoon 3 release date.

Far from a dedicated Nintendo Direct – like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which both received so much fanfare – the Splatoon 3 release date has dropped at the end of a short gameplay trailer.

And it’s not even “new” gameplay, as such. (The video shows off Splatoon 3’s Turf War mode in particular.)

You’d be forgiven, watching that video for three minutes and forty-two seconds that nothing of note happens at all. It’s Turf War. We know what that is. Splatoon 3 is more Splatoon. Thanks, Nintendo. We probably could’ve worked that out for ourselves.

Then for the last couple of seconds – and not in a prominent place, even! The date is in the bottom corner – the release date flashes up:

Splatoon 3 releasing 09/09/2022

Way to bury the lede, Nintendo. At least Splatoon 3 is releasing on the ninth day of the ninth month, so there’s no room for ambiguity in the UK/US date format wars.

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