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Nintendo shows off new sound effect features in Super Mario Maker

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Nintendo has released a new ‘Let’s Watch!’ video summarising some new features in Super Mario Maker ahead of its European on the 11th of September.

Among the most interesting new features are the new sound effects and music block customisations. By shaking classic Note Blocks during level creation, they become Music Blocks.

And when something activates one of these Music Blocks, it will play a note based on its height. This allows players to create songs by positioning platforms in a level.

You can also record your own sounds clips and effects and insert them into the game. Players with potty mouths, hold your tongues!

Super Mario Maker is also compatible with 50 plus amiibo figurines, including Link, Wii Fit Trainer, Kirby and the special 30th Anniversary Mario amiibo. Each one unlocks a super-cool sprite of the character that fits in with whichever version of Super Mario Bros you are using to create your level.

Pre-order the Super Mario Maker limited edition pack – including the game, the art book, and the oft-elusive Amiibo – from Amazon now.

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