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Nintendo Switch Online is getting three more SNES games

Nintendo has announced that three more Super NES titles will join the Nintendo Switch Online library next week.



SNES Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has announced that three more SNES titles will join the Nintendo Switch Online library next week.

First up is Claymates, the well-liked platformer from Interplay, the studio behind the Clayfighter series. It’s a traditional enough adventure livened up by its claymation visuals and the ability to transform into various animals. Who wouldn’t want to play as Muckster the Cat, Doh-Doh the Duck, Oozy the Mouse, Goopy the Guppy, or Globmeister the Gopher?

Jelly Boy was previously only released in Europe and isn’t a game we are familiar with. Again, transformation is the name of the game, this time as a jelly baby with morphing powers.


The final addition is the 1991 isometric action puzzler Bombuzal, also known as Ka-Blooey in North America. The game has a storied history and also made an appearance on Amiga, Atari ST, and Commodore 64. It looks mildly diverting, we suppose.

It’s not the most exciting Nintendo Switch Online lineup – still no Earthbound, sadly – but on the flipside, there’s nothing wrong with having the chance to play some deeper cuts from the SNES back-catalogue.

All three games join the service on July 28, 2021.

July’s Nintendo Switch Online titles for Japan also includes Bombuzal, as well as Dead Bounce (Tuff E Nuff), and Shin Megami Tensei if.

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