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Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon and Chicory: A Colorful Tale headline this week’s lineup of new Nintendo Switch eShop releases.

Apart from the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, it’s been a relatively quiet period for top-tier Nintendo Switch games. Thankfully, some excellent Indies have filled the void.

That continues this week with the release Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon, a new spin-off from Yacht Club’s acclaimed retro platformer. The game is pitched as a homage to 90s era drop-puzzle games with added roguelike and dungeon crawler elements. Sounds like a win to us.

Speaking of retro games, Atari (or the company that currently uses that name) is back with a new version of an arcade classic. Asteroids: Recharged gets an HD makeover, and although we’re not convinced by Geometry Wars-style visuals, we’re excited to hear the soundtrack from composer Megan McDuffee.

This week’s other Nintendo Switch releases include Omno, Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth, and Clockwork Aquario. We’ll add to this list throughout the week with any latecomers.

Update: Dec 15, 2021 – We’ve added some surprise releases revealed on this week’s Nintendo Indie Showcase including Chicory: A Colorful Tale and Dungeon Munchies.

Nintendo Switch eShop releases: December 13-17, 2021

Monday, December 13, 2021

  • My Universe: Doctors & Nurses
  • Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

  • Always Collection
  • Asteroids: Recharged
  • Clockwork Aquario
  • One Hand Clapping
  • Gear.Club Unlimited 2 – Definitive Edition (TBC)

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

  • Aeterna Noctis
  • The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel
  • Luigi’s Campsite
  • Dungeon Munchies
  • Let’s Play! Oink Games
  • Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Thursday, December 16, 2021

  • Arcade Archives Mirai Ninja
  • Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles
  • The Enigma Machine
  • Hashihime of the Old Book Town append
  • Love Pop!
  • Moonbound
  • Murder Diaries 3 – Santa’s Trail of Blood
  • Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth
  • RTO 3
  • Omno
  • Sakura Santa
  • Trash Quest

Friday, December 17, 2021

  • Aspire: Ina’s Tale
  • Forgotten Hill Disillusion
  • Him & Her 3

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