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Children of Morta and The Touryst headline this week’s crop of new video game releases on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

It’s been a busy few months on the Nintendo Switch with The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and a new Pokémon giving the console a solid lineup of fall releases.

A host of interesting games are still to come via the Nintendo eShop, including the acclaimed narrative-driven RPG, Children of Morta. Dead Mage’s game features engaging rogue-like mechanics, beautiful aesthetics, and an emotionally resonant storyline.

Our other recommendation is The Touryst from Fast RMX developer, Shin’en Multimedia. It’s an action-adventure game with cute voxel graphics and gameplay that evokes everything from Fez and The Witness to Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda.

Other new games include Marblelous Animals and Black Future ’88. European Switch owners can also look forward to Taito’s arcade sequel, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends.

Finally, the Switch doesn’t want for mascot racing games, but if you do want more, check out Garfield Kart Furious Racing. Actually, don’t.

Here’s the current lineup of confirmed new Nintendo Switch releases. Check back throughout the week for any late additions.

New Nintendo Switch games – November 18-22, 2019

Monday, November 18, 2019

  • Bloo Kid 2

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

  • Bubble Bobble 4 Friends (EU)
  • Garfield Kart Furious Racing
  • Raging Loop
  • Munchkin: Quacked Quest
  • WRC 8 (US)
  • Zumba Burn it Up! (NA)

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

  • Bouncy Bob 2
  • Children of Morta
  • Still There

Thursday, November 21, 2019

  • Astérix and Obélix XXL3: The Crystal
  • Menhir
  • Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.3: Un Pato en Muertoburgo
  • Black Future ’88
  • BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Ver. 2.0 (US)
  • G.R.E.E.N. The Life AlgorithmNarcos: Rise of the Cartels
  • Strike Force: War on Terror
  • SoccerDie: Cosmic Cup
  • The Touryst
  • Titeuf: Mega Party
  • Turkey Please

Friday, November 22, 2019

  • Castle of No Escape 2
  • BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Ver. 2.0 (EU)
  • Frosty Jumps
  • Lastfight
  • Marblelous Animals
  • Tiny Gladiators
  • Zumba Burn it Up! (EU)

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