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Nintendo Switch Sports is getting a free content update next week

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Next week’s free update for Nintendo Switch Sports adds several new gameplay features.

Nintendo Switch Sports is pretty much the follow-up to Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort we always hoped for. In our review, we said it was a “welcome and polished return for a family favourite.”

The game’s only downside is the limited variety of sports. Golf’s addition to the roster this fall will address that problem, and we hope there’s more content to come.

Before then, a free update will arrive on July 26 that adds new features to two of the game’s core sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports update

In Four-on-Four and One-on-One Soccer matches, players will be able to use a Joy-Con controller and the Leg Strap accessory to translate kicking motions into in-game shots. Players will also be able to perform a jogging action to dash and maks kicks more powerful.

Volleyball is also getting new Slide Attack and Rocket Serve moves.

Finally, online players can strive for Pro League supremacy and gain the new S Rank and ∞ Rank.

So, a modest update overall, but one that adds welcome new features and a little more complexity to a couple of sports.

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