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Nintendo’s first mobile app, Miitomo, has received a much-needed update that adds new communication and customisation options.

Let’s be honest, the app has needed an update of this size for a while now. Miitomo was a huge hit when it launched in March – and was well received by many players and commentators – but it just didn’t have the legs to sustain ongoing use, being neither an essential social app nor a particularly compelling game experience.

The new update aims to change all that with a number of new features including private messaging, more room customisation options, and Sidekick Miis. The new Answer Central feature also appears designed to encourage more social interaction, as does a new timeline that allows you to see your friends’ latest answers much more quickly

Miitomo November update features

  • Private messages: Users can send private messages to anyone on their friends list. The users Mii character or a Sidekick Mii will deliver the in-app message.
  • Room customisation: Rooms can now be decorated with custom flooring and wallpaper, a little like Animal Crossing and Tomadachi Life. Both can be collected for free in the in-app Miitomo Drop game or by completing in-app actions. Items based on Nintendo’s Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid franchise are included.
  • Posters: Rooms can also be decorated with posters, adorned with Miifoto images or photos contained on the user’s smart device.
  • Style Central: Users can submit up to three custom outfits a day to share with other users.
  • Answer Central: A new hub that displays a public list of questions and answers that anyone can browse or comment on.
  • Sidekick Mii characters: Sidekick Mii characters are controlled by the main account user but have their own rooms, can be dressed and be set to public or private. Up to 100 are available.

Miitomo is also launching in a number of new countries this week, including Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

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