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No Man’s Sky adds summonable, jetpack-powered mechs

No Man’s Sky’s new mechs are a little bit Fallout Power Armour, little bit Iron Man suit. And they look brilliant.



No Man's Sky mechs
Hello Games

No Man’s Sky’s new mechs are a little bit Fallout 4 Power Armour, little bit Iron Man suit. And they look brilliant.

We promised, the last time a big update was pushed for No Man’s Sky, that we’d stop repeating the narrative eventually. The underdog story, the unmentionable abuse, the rough launch turned good, the little engine that could. But the fact that Hello Games still releases massive content updates for the game, in spite of how horrible everyone was to the small team, is still just remarkable.

We’re going to keep telling this story while we’re still talking about No Man’s Sky, because Hello Games are too good, and we don’t deserve them. (And if you ever want to tell the story, Sean, we’d love to do an oral history of the game.)


The latest update to No Man’s Sky, available now, adds mechs. It’s technically a new form of planetary exocraft – the Minotaur Heavy Exocraft Hybrid, to use its Sunday name – and it looks ruddy brilliant.

Here are the important details of No Man’s Sky’s new mechs:

  • Environmental protection – the Minotaur affords protection against all planetary hazards (and you can collect materials without leaving the cockpit)
  • Jetpack – the Minotaur features a powerful jetpack, allowing you to bound across planets (like Fallout 4’s Power Armour)
  • Immersive cockpit – if you’re playing in VR, you’ll appreciate the 360° cockpit (complete with lights and sounds!)
  • Summonable – pretend you’re Tony Stark and summon your Minotaur from a nearby freighter (and look out for that badass landing)

But that’s not all. This is a Hello Games update, Of course, that’s not all.

The latest update to No Man’s Sky includes a number of tweaks and quality of life improvements, including solar technology, improved scanning, new decals, and the ability to hide exposed wiring.

But best of all, perhaps, is the resolution scaling mode. This will allow players the option to scale the screen resolution down for improved framerates. This will be particularly useful for players with 4K screens but less powerful graphics cards, or for players with lower-end systems generally, and will allow even more people to enjoy No Man’s Sky.


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